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Peculiar - A Story of Otherland - Out Now!

Looking for a Christmas gift - here's a fascinating fantasy novel by Graham South in time for the Holiday Season.

"Rodney is a superb artist, able to produce realistic sketches of people from memory. It is his art that supports him on his journey through life. He knows from an early age that he is different - or as his sister Wendy puts it - he is peculiar. 

When sixteen, he and his friends, Ches and David, are unwittingly catapulted into the fantasy world of Otherland - a place where everyone is somehow different from real life. They survive the experience but can they now succeed in real life and find their nice in society?

A brilliant mix of real life and fantasy...provocative, challenging and intriguing. 

If you want a copy - you can order from Amazon (click here) or Smashwords (click here)


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