Selected Recent Projects by ORDA Partners


Project Design, Development & Management


r     Marine Studies Programme Development, the University of the South Pacific (1990 – 2002.

r     International Ocean Institute – establishment of a Regional Operational Centre for Australia and the Western Pacific (2002 – present).


Coral Reef Monitoring, Surveying and Training


r     Coordination, Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network for the SW Pacific. 1999 – 2002. Funded by the Canada International Development Agency and the International Ocean Institute.

r     United Nations Environment Program - Global International Waters Assessment (GIWA): Status of international waters of the Pacific Islands region.

r     Member, Samoa National Coral Reef Monitoring Task Force


Marine Biodiversity Surveys & Technical Training


r     Benthic marine algae surveys of Fiji (1990 – present) and Samoa (1997 – present).

r     Invasive species survey in American Samoa (2002) and Independent Samoa (2007).

r     Marine plant biodiversity surveys, American Samoa (2003).

r     Marine biodiversity surveys of Bunaken National Park, N. Sulawesi, Indonesia and Palolo Deep National Marine Reserve, Samoa.

r     Workshops on identification of non-geniculate coralline algae (Fiji) and coral identification (Sam Ratulangi University, Manado, Indonesia).

r     Marine Biodiversity Assessment Specialist, Samoa Marine Biodiversity Protection & Management Project.

r     Survey and assessment of coral reefs of Naitauba Island, Lau group, Fiji, June 2002. Effects of the 1998 and 2000 bleaching event on the coral communities and reef status.


Planning & Design of Marine Protected Areas


r     Planning for the Ono Island MPA, Kadavu, Fiji. Funded by the Marine Conservation Action Fund and the International Ocean Institute.


Fisheries Code of Conduct and Best Practice


r     Development and delivery of a TRAIN-SEA-COAST Training Course on the FAO’s Code of Conduct (2002).

r     Development and delivery of a training course on Fisheries Instruments (2003);


Scientific Editing and Reporting


r       Member of the Editorial Board, the Ocean Yearbook




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